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"Blade Runner" has considerable advantage

Written by Paul Bedford
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Gert-Peter Bruggerman, the German university professor tasked by the IAAF with investigating whether Oscar Pistorious gains any advantage on his rivals by using his prosthetic limbs, has revealed that he has a considerable advantage over his sprinting rivals.
Pistorius had hoped tocompete against able bodied athletes in next year's Bejung Olimpics but his chances seem to have been dashed after the professor's findings. Bruggeman, who put Pistorius through a series of tests in November at the IAAF's request, told the German newspaper Die Welt: "He has a considerable advantage compared with athletes without prosthetic limbs who have undergone the same tests.

"The difference is several percentage points and I did not think the findings would be so conclusive."

21-year-old Pistorius, who describes himself as "the fastest thing on no legs," was fitted with his prosthetics when he was only 11 months old after a congenital disorder forced doctors to amputate both his legs.

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Paul Bedford

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