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Thursday, 29 April 2010 18:05

New TV channels here on 1 May

Written by Paul Bedford

TopTV, offering 52 television and 25 audio channels, will start broadcasting on Saturday, 1 May 2010. The On Digital Media offering becomes the first competitor to DStv in South Africa.

The bouquets offered by TopTV will range in price from R99 to R249 per month with the R99 bouquet providing access to 25 television channels and the audio channels. In addition to the channels broadcast by TopTV, subscribers will have access to the four currently available channels broadcast by the SABC and eTV.

Prospective TopTV viewers will have to pay around R500 for a decoder, satellite dish and installation before deciding on the package they want. Decoders will be available from most major retailers including Game, Pick n Pay and Makro. Current DStv subscribers who want to watch TopTV will need to install a TopTV dish in addition to their existing dish as the services are broadcast using different satellites.

Top TV will feature content from Fox, Warner, Disney, CBS and Discovery as well as locally developed offerings.

Friday, 08 May 2009 16:17

Joint winners for Idols

Written by Paul Bedford

M-Net CEO Patricia Scholtemeyer today announced that both Sasha Lee Davids and Jason Hartman have been declared winners of the Idols season. Speaking at a press conference Scholtemeyer said, "Even though Sasha Lee received 1.1 million votes and Jason received 1.3 million votes, we felt that the public loves them both."

Jason will receive an equal share of the prizes, including the coveted recording contract. Post- show analysis of the votes cast during the final episode of the popular reality show revealed that there had been an undercount of valid SMS votes. Auditing firm KPMG examined the systems relating to the voting process and confirmed the valid votes.

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